A coin for a new era

MINERS is Here to Change the
Way the World Views Crypto

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Crypto mining has become increasingly centralized and harmful to the environment at its current scale. It has also lost touch with the ethos of its creator, Satoshi. MINERS is here to change that by creating the first decentralized community for carbon-neutral Bitcoin mining. We are challenging the status quo and ensuring that everyone has equal access to mining, and the profits that come with it.


2% Tax


Marketing is at the core of everything we do and this enables us to have a continuous stream of marketing and media campaigns running.

4% Tax

BTC Mining

The revenue that drives our Bitcoin mining efforts, securing the Bitcoin network and generating profits for our holders.

3% Tax

Locked in LP

Locked in the Pancakeswap v2 liquidity pool, establishing a robust price floor to reduce volatility and increase stability

4% Tax

BTCB Reflections

Reflections in BTC to $MINERS holders, providing passive income to our investors.



Learn about our mining operations and how we generate returns for our holders

Mining Hardware

We are backed by mining hardware rigs with high hashpower (50-104 THs) and competitive return profiles, purchased through trusted partners.


Our Miners run on 100% clean hydropower, the only responsible way to mine BTC. Our planet needs this, and it helps keep our mining costs down and profits high.

Natural Cooling

Our mining partner is located in Siberia, one of the coldest places in the world. The facility uses 100% natural cooling, keeping our costs low and profits high.

BTC BuyBacks & Reflections

All $MINERS token holders are rewarded with BTCB reflections from taxes. A portion of mining profit goes to $MINERS buy backs and burns, increasing the token’s value.

Community Driven

$MINERS is building the largest collective for BTC mining in the world, to secure the future of crypto mining through decentralization and carbon neutrality.